Lately, Grace Wong (王君馨) uploaded a video and discussed about suffering from depression and bulimia nervosa previously on YouTube. She explained she was slammed by the audiences about her exaggerating responses in a food show. As a newcomer, Grace was clueless at handling it and was diagnosed with bulimia nervosa as a result.

Grace said: “At the time, I weighed 12 to 13 pound heavier and was unaware of suffering from bulimia nervosa. I kept talking to myself and eating and could hear a voice asking me about eating lots of food, but it made me feel full after that. I felt guilty after eating a box of biscuit and threw it away immediately. Not everything is under my control but food is non-living thing which gives me full control.”

Subsequently, she became a religious person after MC Jin took her to a church: “Finally, there is a channel which removes my stress completely. An idol wishes to present his/her best show to the public and must look strong, presentable, successful and perfect. Hence, everyone tries his/her best and it is very stressful.” In fact, Grace had high expectations of herself and it was normal to suffer from pressure. She learned an English sentence that helped her: “You just try your best and let God do the rest. I believe God will use this sentence to help me upon feeling stressful and trying to be perfect.”

Finally, Grace wished to use this video to convey a message: “When you realise you put in full efforts, you can be yourself, make mistakes and fail. You should learn to accept yourself and continue the journey. Thus, you must treat yourself nicer.”