On 4th January, Kong Ka Man (江嘉敏) promoted TVB variety show (野外步出) with Milkson Fang (方紹聰), Judy Kwong (鄺潔楹), Aka Chio (趙慧珊) and Snow Suen (孫慧雪). Ka Man disclosed she had height phobia and hesitated before completing zip line at Tung Lung Chau: “Milkson walks in front of me and keeps speaking vulgarity. At the time, I begin to feel scared, hesitate and cry for 30 minutes. Subsequently, I cry for 5 minutes before trying zip line for the second time.”

Ka Man added her boyfriend wished to try bungee jumping with her in order to develop their relationship to the next stage: “I cannot accept it if he proposes marriage to me, after trying bungee jumping. Please refrain from doing it when I feel frightened.”

When mentioned about forgetting her bank password number, Ka Man replied she had been staying at home and her friends offered to treat her to dinner: “I keep $500 with me as an emergency.”

Source: https://ol.mingpao.com/ldy/showbiz/latest/20210104/1609755544974/%e9%87%8e%e5%a4%96%e6%ad%a5%e5%87%ba-%e6%b1%9f%e5%98%89%e6%95%8f%e4%b8%8d%e6%95%a2%e7%8e%a9%e9%a3%9b%e7%b4%a2%e5%b4%96%e9%82%8a%e7%88%86%e5%96%8a%e5%80%8b%e5%8d%8a%e9%90%98-%e5%b0%8e%e6%bc%94%e5%87%ba%e6%89%8b%e6%8e%a8%e6%88%91%e8%b7%b3