Although Kenneth Ma (馬國明) and his girlfriend Roxanne Tong (湯洛雯) did not walk on the red carpet together, but both accepted a joint interview. When mentioned that Roxanne promised to marry him once becoming TV King again, Kenneth replied he lacked of confidence to win an award: “I feel I do not really have much chances but willing to give my luck to Roxanne. Hope she will win.”

Roxanne said: “I am rooting for him and will propose marriage to him if he wins Best Actor award.” Kenneth responded: “It is quite funny. You have confidence that I will lose. (Chris Lai (黎諾懿) pointed you will marry Roxanne despite being a loser.) Wow! He understands me very well.” She also dismissed about planning for a baby with Kenneth and emphasised her father did not buy a luxurious mansion for them: “We have not submit our marriage application yet and promise to announce good news if any.”

As Roxanne appeared to gain weight, but Kenneth felt she remained fit and she explained he disliked women who were too thin. He said: “It is best to have an average figure and health is the most important. (Feel comfortable to hug your girlfriend?) Yes.”