Owen Cheung (張振朗) bagged Most Popular Male Character (最受歡迎電視男角色) Award and mentioned about something during his speech: “My family teach me it is important to respect people before they respect you.” However, a former air-stewardess remarked Owen’s speech was nonsense on live broadcast via YouTube: “Firstly, it is meaningless when he said it was vital to give mutual respect. My friends are considered professionals and interested in acting. Hence, they do not mind working as extra at the set for many years. Once, I ask if there is a particular actor who makes us annoyed while eating together and he replies Mr Cheung behaves as “big brother”. He speaks to people depending on their status.”

As for Katy Kung (龔嘉欣), that air-stewardess agreed she deserved to win two awards: “This TVB actress does not really give me deep impression until watching her on-screen performances in Death by Zero (殺手) drama. She fights very well and films most action scenes personally. It is considered a breakthrough in her career. Thus, I feel she can be Sheren Tang’s (鄧萃雯) successor after watching Hong Kong Love Stories (香港愛情故事) series. She thanked Wayne Lai (黎耀祥) truthfully and many staff including cleaners congratulated him, upon becoming TV King at the time. Mr Cheung, please be humble and treat everyone equally.”

In addition, she added a Malaysian air-stewardess disclosed Katy chose her career over marrying a rich man: “According to my Malaysian friend, they are informed about their wedding news but Katy chooses her career over romance eventually.”

Source: https://ol.mingpao.com/ldy/showbiz/latest/20210112/1610443669792/%e5%89%8d%e7%a9%ba%e5%a7%90%e9%96%8blive%e7%88%86%e5%bc%b5%e6%8c%af%e6%9c%97%e8%a6%8b%e9%ab%98%e6%8b%9c%e8%a6%8b%e4%bd%8e%e8%b8%a9-%e9%be%94%e5%98%89%e6%ac%a3%e7%82%ba%e4%ba%8b%e6%a5%ad%e6%94%be%e6%a3%84%e5%ab%81%e5%85%a5%e8%b1%aa%e9%96%80