Patrick Tang (鄧健泓) shared his working experiences and explained the misunderstanding during an interview at a radio show (詩情廿四味) hosted by Annie Ngai (倪詩蓓) at Metro Broadcast Corporation (新城).

Upon joining the show business initially, Patrick was assigned to host a child show, Flash Fax (閃電傳真機) and exposed for dating LuLu Kai (蓋世寶). At the time, both were rumoured to break up. When asked about the knife accident, Patrick said: “Yes, the knife drops on the ground and I manage to avoid it but my leg is injured in the end.”

Patrick added he faced many criticisms when hosting variety shows and felt nobody recognised his hard work: “Once, I was invited to Hins Cheung’s (張敬軒) concert as a guest performer and sing the song (朋友2號). At the backstage, I told my supervisor it is better not to sing as the audiences might dislike my performance. Subsequently on the stage, I realise there are other people who will like your performance and I will work hard because of them. Anyway, I treat criticisms as a method to improve myself.”