The Rebel Princess (上陽賦) drama starring Zhang Ziyi (章子怡) is currently broadcasting and it receives mixed reviews, when she plays a young girl at 15 year old. During the premiere on that day, Ziyi responded on Weibo that she wanted to witness growing up process and transformation personally.

Hence a couple of days ago, Michelle Ye (葉璇) revealed her perspective about playing a young to an old woman in the series. As the film producer, she pointed using different actresses to play the same role will reduce the audiences’ interest in the drama.

In addition, Michelle discussed about Ziyi’s on-screen performance in The Rebel Princess series: “Every case is different. I also played from a young to an old woman before. Although we have crossed that age, but we have better acting skills because of our enriching experiences. When mentioned about violation, it is inappropriate to discuss about love during political meetings. Why can’t we play the roles since we have good acting skills? The bottom line is our age do not restrict us to play any roles and on-screen writers should try to increase the understanding including the age in the country.

Finally, Michelle pointed using younger actress to play the same role was possible and it gave them fertile imaginations: “Artistes have his/her own responsibility and the success of the drama depends on the script and production. We look at artistes’ appearances which make them famous.”