Lately, former TVB actress Myolie Wu (胡杏兒) openly shared her 10 years working experiences in TVB during her interview with Chinese host Chen Luyu (魯豫). She disclosed she had slight depression as there was no breakthrough in her career and was slammed by the public at the time.

Apparently, Myolie’s acting skills receives compliments in a Chinese variety show, Everybody Stand By 2 (演員請就位2) and she said previously: “Myolie Wu will not exist without TVB.” In a programme (魯豫有約一日行), Myolie confessed she felt frightened as she kept playing similar roles in TVB and it became an obstacle to have a breakthrough in her career.

At the time, Myolie suspected she suffered from slight depression because of tremendous pressure: “I feel unhappy at the set, have poor appetite and fail to sleep well. I was criticised by the public all the way.”

Myolie added she suffered for 10 years and her hard work finally paid off: “I am alone and have no friends and family. I begin to learn something such as financial and status slowly. (Equally important?) Yes. I dare to have that thought and find my preferred life slowly.”