Barbie Shu (徐熙媛) reduces her on-screen appearances and has two children after marrying Wang Xiaofei (汪小菲).

On 17th January, she shows her new photos and won compliments from the netizens for looking young. In the photo, Barbie changes her hairstyle and wears a black outfit. She said: “Too trendy? Who is it?”

Many netizens praised Barbie looked energetic and beautiful, but some suspected she went for plastic surgery. In addition, her good friend Rainie Yang (楊丞琳) and Karen Hu (小禎) complimented Barbie was a gorgeous and skinny woman. Finally, Xiaofei who is currently in Beijing also gave his comment: “We have not seen each other for several months. I might not recognise you when coming back and it is best to apply a facial mask now. Otherwise, we might be mistaken as siblings.”