TV Queen Ali Lee (李佳芯) and her boyfriend Danny Chan (陳炳銓) have a stable relationship for many years and rent a detached house in Sai Kung at $40,000 every month. Lately, she moves to a service apartment at Hung Hom which causes their separation rumours. Subsequently, Ali explained it was because of her work and Danny emphasised their relationship remained stable.

In a recent news source, Ali continues to stay at Hung Hom even after wrapping up the drama and has been staying at home frequently. She also stops her hiking activity and taking her dog out for strolling with Danny. Thus, it looks like Ali is single now.

In addition, she is pointed to drive alone or with her assistant for the past consecutive days without Danny. Lately, a security guard is infected with coronavirus at Hung Hom but she has not moved back to Sai Kung and does not visit her boyfriend during her free time. Ali either goes to work at sunset or returns home immediately after finishing work.

On the other hand, Danny appears depressed and has been uploading photos of himself at home alone. A week ago, he shared photo of a dead end and suspected to console himself via an online message: “Can’t walk at the end of the road? Well, then swim. Even better~” Ali does not show any responses until now.