In the latest episode of the show (雙祥見), Louis Yuen (阮兆祥) and Wayne Lai (黎耀祥) discussed about their filming experiences in summer and winter seasons. In No Regrets (義海豪情) drama, one scene illustrated Fala Chen (陳法拉) was heavily ill and her wish was to return home. She was required to wear thick layers during summer and everyone needed to have the same dress code, and felt hot upon watching the playback.

As for Louis, he revealed he wore thin layers during winter season in Guizhou and caused NG even when speaking one sentence. The film director discovered Louis’s mouth had white smoke once speaking and he said: “Subsequently, the assistant director bought some ice cubes and told me to eat it. It turns out my body feels warm and smoke appears as a result. After eating ice, my body temperature is closer to room temperature and smoke will disappear.” Wayne pointed it was the first time that he heard it and it was a cold-blooded method.

When mentioned about “hypocrite” in the programme, Wayne was reminded about a bizarre incident: “Once, I have several scenes with a man and woman in ancient series. After finishing work around 12 something, the girl was crying while speaking on the phone as that actor scolded her harshly once wrapping up the scene. Many people remarked she was a nosy person who treated herself as film director at the set.” He refused to disclose the identity of that actor and emphasised there were many “hypocrites” in the company.

Louis added a particular actor talked about his family affair after completing work at night: “Although it is our first cooperation, but we exchange our knowledge and begin to discuss about the script together. A few days later, film director suddenly told everyone especially me to approach him if any problems with the script.” Thus, Louis felt betrayed.