On 3rd February, the reporters visited the team members for ViuTV new show (是滴是友) at the set. The guests included Xia Yu (夏雨) and his son, Dixon Wong (黃奕晨) whom shared their experiences. When mentioned about rebroadcasting TVB old drama, Moonlight Resonance (溏心風暴之家好月圓) at midnight, Xia Yu replied he did watch it and the memories came back slowly: “Everyone has major transformations. Some left TVB and Lee Hong Kum (李香琴) had passed away.” Reminding about Heart of Greed (溏心風暴) series, Xia Yu expressed they did not expect excellent reviews: “I remember Tavia Yeung (楊茜堯) and Fala Chen (陳法拉) were newcomers at the time and became superstars in second season. Hence, the on-screen writer has a headache about giving scenes to all members equally. Anyway, this drama gives me deep memories. (Equal scenes for all cast team members?) Yes.”

Although Xia Yu worked in TVB for a long time and Dixon was currently working for ViuTV, he left the career path decision to his son: “It does not matter whether he is filming drama or movies as carving a successful career depends on himself. In fact, I help him very little.” Dixon agreed and said: “There are too many celebrities’ children working in this industry and everyone wishes to rely on him/herself. Perhaps it is because of my mother’s shadow and I must do my part well. At least, my parent feel proud of me and I do feel ashamed to ask them for money at this age.”

After the rumours with Helen Tam (譚凱倫), Dixon dismissed about dating ViuTV television presenter Kathy Wong (王頌茵): “People always take photographs of us going out together and I should keep a distance from them because of you. (You are good friends with both of them?) Yes. On that day, I was celebrating birthday with Kathy at Helen’s house.” When asked if any chances of developments, Dixon hesitated and Xia Yu said: “Let’s leave it destiny. (Happy with your future daughter-in-law?) It does not matter. What matters most is he loves her.”

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