Crystal Fung (馮盈盈) expressed she felt overjoyed to see her good luck continued from 2020 to beginning of 2021 during the press conference of TVB show (天天開運王) on 1st February. When asked if she wished lesser rumours, she said: “Yes, I have consulted 5 masters and there is no solution. Anyway, it shows I am popular and have talking point. I have confidence in myself and do not feel ashamed to say that I have news reporting about me forever. (Known as the new generation of “slut”?) It is a discussion only and does not mean I am. (Who do you think that person should be?) Nobody. (Seek advice from a geomancer about romance?) I enjoy my current life and leave it to destiny.”

Mentioning about her old love Martin (鍾文浩) who was married, Crystal said: “I give my blessings to him. (Send a text to congratulate him?) I am busy with work.”