On 1st February, Jessica Hsuan (宣萱), Moses Chan (陳豪), Joyce Tang (滕麗名), Tony Hung (洪永城) and Gloria Tang (鄧佩儀) attended the promotion activity of TVB drama, Armed Reaction 2021 (陀槍師姐2021) drama. When mentioned about earning high income and moving to a big house during COVID-19, Moses confessed to it but avoided talking about his income: “My wife Aimee Chan (陳茵媺) is a very smart woman who takes care of our children and house renovations by herself.”

Asking if he planned to become a father again, Moses said: “3 kids are enough but I do not mind having another child because of an accident.”

Subsequently, Jessica expressed she admired Moses and Aimee’s tolerance towards their children: “I am happy with my current life and have 4 dogs and 3 cats as pets. Anyway, I feel lucky not to have any education problems.”

Source: https://ol.mingpao.com/ldy/showbiz/latest/20210201/1612174296008/%e8%a2%ab%e6%8c%87%e7%96%ab%e4%b8%8b%e7%8b%82%e5%90%b8%e5%8d%83%e8%90%ac%e6%90%ac%e5%a4%a7%e5%b1%8b-%e9%99%b3%e8%b1%aa%e8%81%9e%e6%b7%bb%e4%b8%81%e3%80%8c%e9%96%8b%e7%b6%a0%e7%87%88%e3%80%8d-%e5%94%94%e6%9c%83%e7%b5%95%e8%87%aa%e5%b7%b1%e5%be%8c%e8%b7%af