On 6th February, Crystal Fung (馮盈盈) had a car accident at Tsim Sha Tsui and nobody was injured. She came out from the vehicle immediately without wearing face mask and went back to her car to get face mask. As the traffic was busy, both parties drove to a nearby carpark for negotiation.

Subsequently during an interview, Crystal revealed there was scratches in front of her vehicle and the car plate was slightly damaged: “The opposite party and his wife are fans of AI Cappuccino (反黑路人甲) drama. Hence, they do not need any compensation and we even take photos together.”

Source: https://ol.mingpao.com/ldy/showbiz/latest/20210206/1612614803641/%e9%a6%ae%e7%9b%88%e7%9b%88%e9%a7%95%e8%bb%8a%e7%99%bc%e7%94%9f%e4%ba%a4%e9%80%9a%e6%84%8f%e5%a4%96-%e6%92%9e%e8%8a%b1%e5%89%8d%e8%bb%8a%e5%bd%b1%e5%bc%b5%e5%90%88%e7%85%a7%e6%90%9e%e6%8e%82