William Chan (陳偉霆) is noted for his high popularity since venturing into Mainland China. Last year, he set up his own fashion brand, CANOTWAIT_™ which won supports from his fans.

In an interview broadcasted through China Television Network (央視) earlier, William noticed a woman wore his clothes brand while skiing and decided to record a video of her by showing his appreciation on Weibo. However, a guy walked over and questioned his motive and William replied: “Nothing.” That guy continued the questioning: “Why are you recording my girlfriend? Why?” As William wore glasses and helmet, the opposite party failed to recognise him and William explained: “Nothing. I feel she wears a very nice outfit.” That man disclosed his girlfriend and he were supporters of William Chan and demanded him to delete the video. Eventually, William was forced to delete the video in front of him.

Apparently, that girl is William’s fan and purchases the clothes by drawing lots. As the incident is drawing attention from the public, that girl decided to post a long message through her friend that William was a gentleman and her boyfriend also praised he was a nice man.

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