Artiste Florence Kwok (郭少芸) begins to venture in Mainland China last year after relocating to Shunde District. She buys property over there and updates her daily routines online frequently. Florence is active on Tik Tok and uploads a video about trying delicious food at the street so as to interact with the netizens. However, her hairstyle becomes the highlight and there is little difference when compared to a man’s hairstyle.

In the video, Florence is dressed in blue hoodie with white gilet and agrees to take photos with the bystanders. She takes a bus and tries delicious food and plays live broadcast at the street. However, a strong gust of wind makes her hair messy and reveals her broad forehead.

Although Florence has little work opportunities in Mainland China, but fortunately the local citizens manage to recognise her through TVB drama. She currently accepts all stage performances including for wealthy men. Once, Florence even received RMB$50,000 by saying happy birthday to the guest.