32-year-old Tracy Chu (朱千雪) is married to a doctor husband Justin (吳昆倫) for 1.5 years and has a blissful marriage. Lately, she becomes an official barrister and many fans are worried if she is withdrawing from entertainment industry. In a recent show, Master’s Talk (師父有請) hosted by Bob Lam (林盛斌) and Mak Ling Ling (麥玲玲), Tracy accepts an interview together with “2Line group” (2Line黨) members including Roxanne Tong (湯洛雯), Jennifer Shum (岑杏賢) and Angel Chiang (蔣家旻).

When mentioned about “2Line group” name, they emphasised they did not accept this title from the beginning and were downgraded from second to third class. Roxanne said: “We call ourselves as “happy princesses” in private and Kayi Cheung (張嘉兒) is included as well.”

Stating about Tracy and Jennifer marrying good husbands who were doctor and financial guru, Jennifer disclosed she disliked her husband during their first meeting. I am a shallow person and he is not my ideal type including appearance. I assume I will marry an actor until meeting him and he has lots of strengths. (Best husband?) He has too many strengths.” Roxanne pointed Jennifer had highest expectations in looks among them and her husband was considered good looking without comparing to male artistes.

When asked if Tracy’s husband was dashing, she hesitated for 3 seconds before replying and it caused laughters: “It is enough as long as he is good looking to me. (There is a gap as you are “goddess”?) Nobody woos me in the show business for 8 years.” Roxanne then revealed the mystery: “I know the reason. When somebody asks her for phone number, Tracy told them to send an email instead.”

Tracy explained: “I feel happy in my comfort zone and do not need many friends. My husband and I know each other since little and he gives me a good sense of security. We have absolute trust in each other despite the long distance. Once, somebody asks me for phone number after taking photo together so as to send it to me via Whatsapp and I told him I did not need the photo. Actors whom I work together do not even have my phone details as they could inform my personal assistant if need anything. I feel comfortable with my husband and could discuss any matter with him.”

Roxanne praised Tracy was a good woman who will reject all sexy and kissing scenes. Her good friends nodded their heads and felt Tracy was a rational person who will not fall in love easily. Tracy said: “It is best not to if not required in the script. Once, a scene illustrated my filming partner had to tear my top revealing my shoulder after falling down from the rooftop but I feel it is too sexy and not really a skinny person. Hence, I sew my vest top and outer vest top together and it reveals little flesh only. Also, I am worried about the audiences criticising my fat arm.” When Tracy rejected kissing scenes, Bob felt surprised and she explained she tried to avoid it after dating: “Perhaps nobody approaches me because of my poor acting skills. It might be different if I am fit and have 40 inches long legs.” Roxanne said: “So this is the reason for changing your occupation. You can wear more layers and face mask.”

Subsequently, Roxanne disclosed she preferred men who resembled her father as he was a good husband and dad: “My parent are considered old-fashioned and I want to find somebody…… (Is Kenneth Ma (馬國明) your ideal type?) I am a talkative person and he will speak too. He always replied it is good and does not matter that annoy me. (Feel pressurised about marriage?) Not really but feel tired of the same questioning. I am a woman and he has not proposed marriage to me yet. So how should I answer? I will definitely announce our engagement news if it happens. Thus, please stop asking me. (Using soft toys to announce again?) Please stop asking me.”

Finally, Ling Ling believed “A” grade actresses will not have a blissful marriage because the successful careers clashing with the marriage, unless she retires at the peak of her career. Among 4 actresses, Angel has the best luck in show business but must marry at a far distance, in order to have a blissful marriage.

Checking if Tracy was retiring from entertainment industry, she dismissed it and said: “Nope. I wish to continue my acting career but must balance both my family and career well. I use to watch drama alone after working and my husband will join me if he wants to watch drama together.” Jennifer expressed she will respect her husband’s decision while Roxanne planned to continue acting after married, but will focus on taking care of her children if pregnant.” When mentioned about children, Tracy said: “I am afraid of having baby because of gaining weight. Earlier, the reporters assumed I was pregnant for 5 months and the rumours cause me to think twice now.”

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