Lately, Him Law (羅子溢) returned to Hong Kong and accompanied his daughter, Hera immediately after wrapping up new drama, Modern Dynasty (家族榮耀) in Mainland China. A few days ago, he accepted an interview at a radio show (口水多過浪花) hosted by Carol Cheng (鄭裕玲) who confessed she was unused to calling his new Chinese name. Him then explained it was because of his daughter: “We look for a master to give Chinese name to Hera and love it very much. Subsequently, he advises us to change our names and it will be better for our daughter. I believe it is destiny and we do not mind it as Hera is our top priority.”

Based on the information, Tavia Yeung (楊茜堯) and Him were paid with a high remuneration around 8 digit to participate in Modern Dynasty series. It is her first on-screen comeback after the pregnancy and Him admitted that they missed Hera very much for the past 2 months: “Previously, my wife films drama together with me and I know it will be suffering for her this time, as she misses Hera very much. For example: we work for 12 hours and she does not mind filming for 14 to 15 hours as long as she can return to Hong Kong to see Hera earlier.”

Him disclosed their families looked after Hera while they were working in Mainland China and FaceTime with them daily: “Tavia told my mother to send photos of Hera’s faeces everyday and her phone is full of faeces photos as a result. Tavia wants to check if Hera is healthy. However, she fails to recognise us once coming back and I did record video of Hera looking confused when seeing us in the room. She responds when my mother comes in and we understand it is because they spend time together frequently. (Have another child?) Let nature take its course. It is best to relax and not to think about it when trying for a baby.”

Him added he will be spending additional time with Hera: “I should spend more time with her since finishing my work. I might need to work for 2 or 3 months and travel to overseas later. (Focus on working in Hong Kong?) I might travel between 2 places and let’s see how it goes. It is getting competitive. Hence, I feel Hong Kong artistes have lesser work opportunities now and should give a try in Southeast Asia, other than Mainland China.” Looks like Him has to make some sacrifices in order to increase his work opportunities and support his family.