Earlier, Wayne Lai (黎耀祥) and Louis Yuen (阮兆祥) hosted the show (雙祥見) for lunar new year and renowned TV Producer Mui Siu Ching (梅小青) visited them at the set. As Mui Siu Wai’s (梅小惠) elder sister turned up to show her support, it made her felt stressed. She said: “It is the first time that my elder sister shows support for me personally as the chief producer for the programme. I do feel slightly stressful and will try my best though. My elder sister shares some tips with me in private too.”

When asked if she aspired to become famous TV Producer like her elder sister, Siu Wai said: “Of course but it takes a long time for me. I might become famous if she is making a comeback.” She felt touched upon seeing Siu Ching giving instructions and handling everything personally. Siu Wai disclosed she felt proud of Siu Ching as her elder sister.

As Wayne and Louis were unaware of Siu Ching’s arrival beforehand, both felt shocked and Siu Wai said: “They stop chatting immediately once seeing Siu Ching as they give her full respect. During “making choices” section, they usually go round in circles but dare not in front of Siu Ching. Although she has retired, but everyone behaves seriously when she is around.”

In the show, Wayne recalled of giving flowers to his wife and she told him not to buy it next time, as it was too expensive. Louis said: “The real reason is because he gives her lily.” Louis revealed he used one month of his wages to buy 100 roses to make his girlfriend happy previously.

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