In new film, Shock Wave 2 (拆彈專家2), Andy Lau (劉德華) was a suspect in bomb case and tried to conduct an investigation by himself in order to prove his innocence. He felt it was normal to act as a disabled person but might be hard to convince the audiences it was because of the explosion: “How to create the effects realistically? We could use “real explosion” for a minor bomb scene and it is hard to control due to the direction of the wind. Anyway, safety is the most important.”

When mentioned about working with Sean Lau (劉青雲) again after 18 years later, Andy confessed he felt stressful: “It has been many years since we work together again and the chemistry might disappear. During an interview with the production, the staff realise we talk and react very fast. It is easier to make the audiences feel touched when working with familiar filming partners. However, we are quiet people and have little conversation in private.”

Stating that COVID-19 caused great impacts to movie industry and limitations in cinema, Andy said: “My work is disrupted too. Since shooting Endgame (人潮洶湧) in 2018, I have no work and 3 films and 2 concerts are suspended last year. I am supposed to hold a concert after lunar new year and it depends on the current situation.”

Hence, Andy stayed at home frequently and begun to gain weight. When mentioned about accompanying his daughter to do homework, he revealed it was a challenge: “During last lunar new year, we stayed in Malaysia for 4 months before returning to Hong Kong because of lockdown. She has been going for online learning and I feel like I am studying again. I seldom accompany her to do homework and it increases our conflicts. I will question her if she knows it and cannot stand it even as “yes daddy”. Although my temper is better than before, but I am unsure if she feels happy to see me often.”