Chinese variety show, Dearest Ladies 2 (婆婆和媽媽2) is currently broadcasting. In the program, Adia Chan (陳松伶) and her husband Zhang Duo (張鐸) cleaned their house to welcome her mother-in-law’s arrival. When Zhang Duo’s mother called him, she ignored Adia totally even when greeting her. After saying welcome to their house, she corrected her son immediately: “You should say welcome home. Your house is my house and vice-versa.” It made Adia felt very nervous thereafter.

Subsequently, it becomes a heated discussion and the netizens are questioning if the husband’s house belongs to his mother as well. During the gathering with female guests, it became a hot topic and Alina Zhang (張萌) pondered if the house belonged to the husband’s mother or the couple. Taiwanese actress Patty Hou (侯佩岑) believed appropriate distance was the greatest respect and Adia said: “Although we are family, but we deserve some privacy. Anyway, she has our house’s keys and it is alright as long as she does not touch my stuff.”

As for Dong Xuan (董璇), she felt they were family after all and will reserve a room for her mother-in-law so as to have a sense of belonging. Huang Shengyi (黃聖依) had the same opinion and said: “Regardless of owning the house, I feel it does not really belong to the owner. Once, my mother-in-law stays in my house for some time and one morning, I ask her casually when she is leaving. After that, other family member told me she is upset and will assume that we do not want her over here. Hence, I apologise to her over the phone immediately and it is our duty to give her a sense of security.” In conclusion, the tension between mother and daughter-in-law is definitely a complex issue.