Moses Chan (陳豪) is a good husband and father who treats his family as his top priority. His wife, Aimee Chan (陳茵媺) takes care of the children so that he could focus on his career without any worries. Moses confessed he felt fortunate to meet Aimee in his life: “I always believe god takes care of me. Other than marrying an “angel”, I considered myself lucky as she is willing to have children at the peak of her career. I will remember it forever and definitely support her on-screen comeback as she continues to have passion in acting. My family is full of warmth and love because of her and 3 children.”

Next, Moses pointed his wife and kids appeared at the right timing and will cherish them: “My family is my top priority and they spur me to work harder, in order to provide a better life for them. In order to thank Aimee’s sacrifices, I treat her as a queen and will love and cherish her for eternity. In conclusion, I will serve them only.”

When mentioned about maintaining his marriage, Moses believed “like” was very important to his spouse and other issues: “It is normal for a married couple to have arguments. Being understanding, showing tolerance and give and take are the correct solutions. It is also essential to be a good listener and understand the opposite party’s feelings. A married couple should make love confessions to each other occasionally so as to maintain the marriage.”

Stating that the daughter was the father’s lover in his previous lifetime, Moses replied he treated his children equally: “I love all of them but a girl can be unreasonable at times and I will not show favouritism to my daughter. (Able to accept when your daughter brings her boyfriend home one day?) It is a matter of time and I have to accept it.” He wished his kids will grow up quickly so that he could communicate, teach them about values and share his love perspectives.

Moses said: “I do not mind my son and daughter join the industry and beauty pageant but they must have a solid foundation before choosing jobs. I will stop interfering them after they have an university degree and accumulate some experiences as it is their lives. Hence in the beginning, I will not give the “approval” at all.”

As he will turn 50 year old on 16th April, Moses wished that god will continue to take care of him and felt grateful that he had jobs during COVID-19: “My coffee business is running well and I plan to expand it this year by opening 1 or 2 more cafe in Hong Kong. (Become a father again?) No choice if it is an accident. Let’s see how it goes.”