Chinese reality show, Sisters Who Make Waves 2 (乘風破浪的姐姐2) is currently broadcasting. In the fifth episode aired on 5th March, all artistes had to face the challenge issued from Rainie Yang (楊丞琳), Zeng Li (曾黎) and Su Yunying (蘇運瑩) in the public performance. However, Joey Yung (容祖兒) was worried about her hand injury might affect her teammates but she managed to emerge the champion. No wonder Joey deserves the title, pop diva.

In the midst of the training, Joey’s hand was injured by a pair of scissors and went for 2 stitches. Despite that, she continued the training without any rest and made her teammates very worried about her. Hence, it affected her mood and Joey said: “Because I am mad at myself and it affects the team to a certain extent. Honestly speaking, I always feel I have lots of things to learn but the public places me in a position that I cannot make any errors. However, everyone sees my mistakes now and I am not perfect at all.”

During the competition on that day, Joey appeared to forget her injury, sing the song (孤寂者) and challenge difficult dancing movements. In addition, the whole team was united and made the audiences felt excited. Other than the brilliant performance, Cecilia Cheung (張栢芝) and Na Ying (那英) sang the song (逆光) and made the atmosphere lively. It was obvious that everyone felt nervous before announcing the results.

After the competition, Bibi Zhou (周筆暢) and her team were given 774 votes which was the lowest while Cecilia and her team won 865 votes, and Joey and her team emerged the champion at 892 votes. Cecilia said: “It is expected. They deserve to be the winner.” Hence, her team was in the safe zone and did not need to eliminate any contestants.

When mentioned about the victory, Joey said: “I have no regrets as long as it is within my ability. Most importantly, I told myself I must protect my teammates.” Looks like Joey is a powerful opponent and Rainie and her team have no choice but to admit their defeat.