A geomancer is invited to every episode in TVB show, Feng Shui for the New Year (天天開運王) and predicts the luck for the artistes this year. In a recent episode, Crystal Fung (馮盈盈) and master Yang visited Ms Hong Kong Lisa Marie Tse’s (謝嘉怡) house and her living room and bedroom were revealed.

In the living room, the walls are painted white and grey colour as the theme. There is a sofa and coffee table and the design looks simple overall. In addition, there is a staircase leading to Lisa’s bedroom which consists of soft toys placed on her double bed. It is full of warmth when the bedsheet is printed with Lisa and her mother photo. However, there is a metal gate at one corner and it made everyone confused. Lisa was uncertain about the reason and reckoned it was because of security.

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