TVB artiste Kong Ka Man (江嘉敏) is surrounded by endless of gossips. Firstly, she is pointed to have conflicts with Crystal Fung (馮盈盈) over a luxurious yacht party and new generation of “slut”.

Recently, one of her former fans criticised Ka Man had low EQ, greedy, calculative, poor attitude, loved to gossip and pushed the responsibility to others. Hence, she lost a big group of fans whom told her to do self-reflection. That former fan also disclosed she bought two dozen of sandwiches as souvenirs in Taiwan and was forced to take a cab to the airport, as the flight arrived earlier without informing her in advance. She felt she was treated like a servant and pointed Ka Man was a hypocrite.

Upon checking with Ka Man, she dismissed it and believed her fan will not speak badly of her: “It is obvious the opposite party is my fake fan and does not understand me. There are too many fake accounts and I have deleted a lot. (What about the souvenirs in Taiwan?) At the time, I was filming drama in Taiwan and my fan bought some food for me and treated the whole team. My manager makes the arrangement and I do not need to look for sponsors personally.”