Crystal Fung (馮盈盈) and Kong Ka Man (江嘉敏) are no longer friends after a dispute over a luxurious yacht party last year. Lately, both are arranged to host a new show (解構心機女) together and Crystal steals the limelight by uploading photo of Ka Man and showing her cleavage. She specially buys bubble tea for Ka Man as it is her first time to host a program.

However, Ka Man did not appreciate it and respond after several hours later. She shared their photo and explained that she could not drink cold beverage for a week: “More, less or no ice does not suit me. I know that it is rare for Crystal to treat me to bubble tea but I cannot drink any cold beverage for a week. Sorry, let me treat you next time!” Ka Man also hashtag: “Why women cannot drink cold beverage for 7 days?”

Subsequently, the netizens compared their photos and discovered they smiled unnaturally. Some even pointed Ka Man filtered the photo by making Crystal looked fat and herself looked slim. Thus, Ka Man hinted Crystal filtered the photo and said: “Sorry everybody! I usually place my mobile phone aside once working and will not even filter photos. That is why I am less active online nowadays.”