Crystal Fung (馮盈盈) and Kong Ka Man (江嘉敏) were rumoured to fall out because of a luxurious yacht party last year. On 11th March, both became the highlight at a press conference for TVB new show (解構心機女) and looked normal in a photo taking session. They dismissed about the disputes and Crystal did not really appreciate when Ka Man called her “senior”.

When asked if they were worried about labelled “scheming” women and rejected to host the program during a joint interview, Ka Man replied it was her first time to host a show and will not decline it unless making nude performance. Checking if Crystal was a scheming woman, Ka Man said: “I believe everyone is scheming and it is definitely good if everybody is pure and innocent. It is best not to hurt anyone.”

Mentioning that she looked fat after filtering the photo, Ka Man beat around the bush and described herself as a newcomer in terms of hosting show: “There are many things for me to learn. The main purpose of uploading photos and making online posts is to attract attention and it does not really hurt me. (Your mother has an argument with the netizen after showing the photo about applying facial masks?) Yes. I feel very mad and understand the freedom of speech but not too overboard though. I can accept all criticisms but not “attacking” my family as they are not celebrities.”

As Ka Man called Crystal as “senior”, she said: “We are born in the same year and please do not call me “senior”. You joined TVB in 2014 while I was an undergraduate before participating in Ms Hong Kong Pageant. Hence, I should call you “senior”. Finally, Ka Man denied about the conflicts and pointed news indeed increased their work opportunities. Crystal wished to establish good rapports and prove it by taking actions.