Roxanne Tong (湯洛雯) and Kenneth Ma (馬國明) show their love in the air frequently after announcing their romance last year. As the wedding bells rumours have been circulating since dating for less than a year, she felt helpless and said: “It is exaggerating that the gossips spread thrice within several months. Although I am mentally prepared for it, but stories about me preparing for wedding and looking for “sisters” group are too much.” Roxanne added she was not anxious to settle down and hoped the public will give them more privacy. She said: “Yes, starting a new chapter is necessary in one’s life but I am not a romantic person since little and do not imagine about getting married in the future. I wish to have a successful career and balance both my family and career well when that day arrives.”

When asked about the method related to changing Kenneth into a different person such as opening a social media account, Roxanne said: “Nothing special. We chat naturally. Perhaps my father is a quiet person too and this is the way I talk to my father. I get to see a different side of Kenneth after the interaction. Honestly speaking, I used to be clingy to my boyfriend but not anymore. At the time, I was jobless and had no responsibility but it is different now and I will train in gym during my free time. I know the public comment about my weight and try to accept it in a positive mindset. However, it is important for actresses to keep fit and I am trying to lose weight now.”