Samantha Ko (高海寧) is a fitness lover and has a good body figure. She shares her training photos occasionally and has a problem after perspiring every time. On 12th March, Samantha shows her messy hair without any makeup on Instagram: “The mark near my lips looks cute. Can I retain it please? Wishing to encourage myself after exercising and ending up in messy hair. Feel good to perspire and does anybody have allergy to sweat? It is a headache for me.”

Upon taking a closer look, Samantha indeed has rashes near her lips and it turns out she is allergic to perspiration. Many netizens suspected it might be because of weak immune system and she responded: “Is it? I have seen a doctor and taken medicine, but the effect is not obvious though.” Finally, the netizens told her to rest early and said: “Exercise and eat more vitamins. Sleep early and hope you will have a speedy recovery.”