Natalie Tong (唐詩詠) is currently under quarantine prior to shooting TVB new drama, Big White Duel II (白色強人II) in China. Hence, she watches many films in her hotel room to kill boredom and is active on Instagram. Besides that, Natalie keeps 2 cats as pets and her father helps her to take care of it while she is away.

On Instagram, Natalie expressed she felt helpless when her father failed to take decent photos and had to approach her sister-in-law for help: “I start to doubt about my life after seeing the photos. No choice, I have to ask my sister-in-law for help.”

On 13th March, she posted on Instagram that her cat was sick and was very worried: “Why are you sick when mummy is not around? You make me worry.” Many netizens wished her cat will have a speedy recovery.