In recent years, Steven Ma (馬浚偉) transforms from an actor to an on-screen writer, producer and sets up an education centre to groom talents.

Steven expressed his first job was at a publishing company after completing his secondary school education, and proceeded to establish a tuition centre with his sister in 2013: “I am poor in studies but quite good in art and believe acting makes me understand myself, since being an actor for 28 years. I hope acting will make youngsters understand themselves better and increase their confidence.”

When mentioned about majority parents wished their children will succeed right at the beginning, Steven confessed he hated this mindset and disagreed grades represented everything: “I do not feel I am a loser when born in Sham Shui Po and live in public estate. Yes, my parent is poor but I have good upbringing and completed my secondary school education. It is enough that I have a home which brings me warmth. As for grades, it represents a certain stage and giving your full efforts is the most important. You need to feel happy when studying in order to enrich your learning experience.” He added learning strengthened students’ survival and faced failures positively: “I lost 43 times in singing competitions previously and finally won when singing Yoshiko Yamaguchi’s (李香蘭). Failure is a normal process in life and taking it positively is the most important.”