Recently, Karena Ng (吳千語) travels to Sanya for a vacation and enjoys beautiful sunshine at a beach. She is famous for her slim and slender body and shares several swimming photos for the past consecutive days. Although some netizen pointed Karena was too skinny, but it did not bother her and she showed her new swimsuit photos online not long ago.

Apparently, Karena is 170cm tall and has a pair of long legs. She wrote: “Living in technology era and receiving lots of different information. The definition of beautiful is a subjective judgement and we receive different comments such as too skinny, the belly is bigger than the breast and her arms are too fat. We begin to accept our flaws slowly and pursue perfection and it is because of angle problems, lighting and filtering. I love sun tanning, my skin will become dark, have a flat bottom since small and a small belly at times. It does not matter and I welcome them. There is no such thing as perfect. I will love myself and live a happy and healthy life.” Finally, her positive mindset won compliments from a big group of fans.