TV King Gallen Lo (羅嘉良) is considered one of the earliest batches of Hong Kong artiste to venture into Mainland China. Because of his title, he is offered lead roles in many drama but the chances begin to reduce after young actors surface. Lately, the netizens discovered Gallen looked down-and-cut while singing at a shopping mall.

From the photos presented by the netizens, Gallen was dressed in black suit and sang for a furniture store in a shopping centre. The stage was covered with red carpet and two speakers which gave an empty feeling to the audiences. Hence, many netizens remarked Gallen appeared pitiful.

Previously, Gallen is noted for his high popularity in TVB drama such as At the Threshold of an Era (創世紀), Old Time Buddy (難兄難弟) and Golden Faith (流金歲月) but there are not many audiences to support his performance this time. It looks like his prime time is over and many netizens feel sad to see the predicament of former TVB A-lister.

From 2003, Gallen participates in series since developing his career in China and is arranged to play supporting roles in Goodbye My Princess (東宮), Handsome Siblings (絕代雙驕) and The Dark Lord (夜天子) drama in recent years.