In the latest episode in Young and Restless (#後生仔傾吓偈) show, it discussed about “to pick on”. Bella Lam (林穎彤) is a child actor and joins the industry. She expressed she felt boycotted because of her frequent absence in outdoor activities and finishing school in different times during her primary school days: “Hence, it is very hard to find good friends. When they saw me in magazine or television, they will criticise my looks and ability. It is indeed not easy during that period of time.”

Mentioning about the “bullying” on social media, Crystal Fung (馮盈盈) felt emotional and said: “It is definite that the actresses will be “pick on” and I feel whatever we do is wrong.” Leonard Cheng (鄭衍峰) disclosed he usually ignore it but was worried that it might affect his work opportunities. Upon the host, Luk Ho Ming (陸浩明) believed it was good news when the host was “pick on” by the co-host so as to establish good rapport, Crystal seemed to agree and said: “In this line, there is good chemistry and effects if we pick on each other.” Thus, Kong Ka Man (江嘉敏) and Crystal have excellent rapports?