After her affair with a married man, Jackson Lai (黎振燁) was exposed last year, Ashley Chu’s (朱智賢) image is completely tarnished and work is nearly suspended for a year. On 20th March, she was finally “released” and allowed to participate in the promotion event of Beauty and the Boss (愛美麗狂想曲) drama but Jackson was absent.

Ashley expressed she felt happy and touched to join the promotion campaign and felt grateful to the company for giving her the opportunities. When asked about her on-screen comeback, she said: “Many things are arranged by the company and I believe they make the best decisions. I am waiting to come back and mentally prepared for it. I am clear about my targets and will focus on my career.”

Checking if her boyfriend, Brian Tse (謝東閔) gave her full supports, Ashley said: “We support each other all along. (Very stable relationship?) We establish consensus and our careers are our top priorities. (Worry about your previous affair with Jackson will become the highlight again after airing the series?) I feel Beauty and the Boss drama has a good script and all cast team members put in full efforts. I believe the audiences will see our hard work. (Feel lucky that you are here as Jackson is not around?) I focus on my career and will do my part well. (Afraid of scolded by the netizens?) We should look forward and work hard. Nobody is perfect and we must learn from our mistakes.”

When asked if she thought about making an on-screen comeback after a year later, Ashley said: “It is not within my control and I leave it to destiny. What matters most is doing my part well. (Keep in contact with Jackson?) I wish to film drama and host variety show. Anyway, I will complete all work assigned by the company.”