The shooting for TVB new drama (童時愛上你) starring Samantha Ko (高海寧) and Owen Cheung (張振朗) is halted because of script problem. During the filming for Kids, Think Big (Think Big天地) show on 21st March, Samantha confessed to it and was currently waiting for the company’s notification: “TV producer has explained it is because of COVID-19 and takes the opportunity to improve the script. It is considered good news that the production has expectations.”

As Owen was named “hell prince” (地獄黑仔王) previously, Samantha defended him: “Nope. He has good acting skills and won several awards. The company emphasises on results and chooses to delay the shooting and incur loss.”

Samantha added she read the story of deceased American footballer Kobe Bean Bryant (高比拜仁) during her free time: “He is a passionate footballer and has good attitude. I sleep, wake up early, cook 3 meals and exercise to keep fit. I hope I will have the determination so that others will not look down on me.”