At an event on 21st March, Tony Hung (洪永城) expressed he stayed at home to watch drama and order food delivery frequently and seldom discussed tour topic with his friends during COVID-19. He said: “I even dream about travelling overseas. Hopefully, everyone will have vaccination and we can travel again in year end. I have many new ideas such as love story and new mindset during travelling.”

Tony disclosed he wanted to upload a video of holidaying with his girlfriend Inez Leong (梁諾妍) in Myanmar in 2019 but decided not to because of politics problems: “Inez and I are spending too much time together now and I might travel alone after the virus ends. I wonder if I need to kneel down on the glass after coming back.”

When mentioned about bumping into Chow Yun Fat (周潤發) and Felix Wong (黃日華) earlier, Tony said: “I feel I am dreaming and the time has stopped at the time. Yun Fat has very good memory and remembers we met at Shanghai previously. Felix is very friendly and praises Yun Fat is good in hiking. I will introduce my girlfriend to Yun Fat if there is a chance.”