Eliza Sam (岑麗香) is currently expecting for more than 7 months and looked energetic in a pink dress with 2 inches high heels at an advertisement shoot on 22nd March.

Eliza expressed she felt it was more suffering during her second pregnancy due to taking care of her eldest son, Jacob who is 2 year old: “I can take a rest during the first pregnancy but have to play with Jacob this time so as not to neglect him. Yes, I am currently expecting a baby boy and will become their most important woman before they have girlfriends. I reckon they will ignore me and wait for my husband to dote on me when that day comes.”

She added her second son will use Jacob’s baby products so as to recycle and save money once he was born: “I am worried that Jacob might be jealous when my second son is born and try to read educational books to him now. I will prepare a present on behalf of Jacob and let my newborn baby sleep in baby cot bed. My friends told me it is normal that Jacob will be jealous and let’s see how it goes.”

Subsequently, Eliza disclosed she prayed for smooth delivery and hoped her husband will accompany her as she was afraid of caesarian: “It is a major event and everyone is extremely busy. Previously, he records a video but does not cut the umbilical cord. I love working and plan to continue before the estimated date of delivery in May. It is considered a blessing to work and take care of my son at the same time.”

When mentioned about drinking cold beverage during the pregnancy, Eliza smiled shyly and said: “Many people are taking good care of me. I know I am disallowed to eat seafood and drink cold beverages but cannot resist the temptation at times. It is better to drink juice than eat cake though. (You wear your watch in an upside down position?) Yes, I am in a confused state and have a poor memory now. I understand one pregnancy makes one silly for 3 years and please bear with me for being silly for 6 years.”

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