Sisley Choi (蔡思貝), Winki Lai (賴慰玲) and Stephanie Ho (何雁詩) are invited to Master’s Talk (師父有請) show hosted by Mak Ling Ling (麥玲玲) and the discussion is about good friends (好閨密). Ling Ling expressed she travelled to Mainland China frequently and there was a saying related to beware of fire, theft and good friends. She said: “Chinese women feel it is difficult to find good friends because of strong competition.”

When another host Bob Lam (林盛斌) tested their understanding between each other, they were clueless about their zodiac signs. Asking about Stephanie’s birthday, Winki replied: “17th September!” As her birthday was on 2nd November, Stephanie smiled until tears were falling down and Winki said: “Oh no! She is crying!”

Apparently, Sisley, Stephanie and Winki were sexy, casual and straightforward and had different characters. Their good friends such as Jeannie Chan (陳瀅), Cheronna Ng (吳嘉熙) and Anjaylia Chan (陳嘉寶) were intelligent, wild and rational. Checking if they will have any views about their friends’ partners, Winki said: “We have no objections as it is your choice, but I will tell her it is a wrong decision and continue to support her. (Stephanie makes a right choice?) Yes. Fred Cheng (鄭俊弘) treats her very well.”

As for male friends, Sisley mentioned about Owen Cheung (張振朗) and Dickson Yu (余德丞) and they did not go out together in private: “I treat Owen as my comrade-in-arms and will not fall in love with my filming partner, as refrain from hurting anybody. Anyway, I know how to differentiate reality.”

Finally, Bob recalled of Dickson chose Sisley as his “girlfriend” while playing truth and dare game at the set in Thailand. Sisley explained: “I might be his ideal type but he dislikes my soul and we have no relationship chemistry at all.”