Classic comedy film, Fight Back to School (逃學威龍) starring Stephen Chow (周星馳), Richard Ng (吳孟達), Sharla Cheung (張敏) and Athena Chu (朱茵) gives a deep impression to the public until now. Earlier on Tik Tok, Gabriel Wong (黃一山) exposed the boss, Jimmy Heung (向華勝) decided not to produce fourth sequel because of the poor box office in third season and Stephen’s high remuneration.

Gabriel also disclosed Sharla and Athena were two female leads in Fight Back to School 2 (逃學威龍2) movie. As Athena was a newcomer at the time and was offered lead role in her first film, many suspected it was because of Stephen’s influence. He said: “I remembered Athena had a pimple on her face on the first day of the shooting so the first scene was used to block her face.”

Subsequently, Gabriel revealed the “love history” between Stephen and Athena: “TVB arranges a manager to take care of Athena and the manager unexpectedly becomes Stephen. They become a couple thereafter.” Hence, it finally solves the mystery happened many years ago.

Although many netizens feel excited to read the news, but some pointed Gabriel had a low moral character to make use of Stephen’s love history. In addition, Paul Wong (黃貫中) and Athena are married for many years and have a blissful marriage. Thus, Gabriel is considered unprofessional to mention about the history.