On 30th March, Grace Chan (陳凱琳) and Kenny Kwan (關智斌) attended a promotion activity of safety precaution products at the Central. When mentioned about her younger brother was married not long ago, Grace replied her parent felt relieved and overjoyed and her brother planned to hold a wedding banquet once the pandemic was over.

Checking if her brother intended to become a father soon, Grace hoped not and said: “I wish he will help to take care of my sons first. (Do your sons resemble him?) Yes, my second son. It reminds me of the old memories when looking at my younger son.”

Grace disclosed her eldest son Rafael begun to realise he had a younger brother and both got along well: “Rafael is going back to school lately. My friend told me it is best to get him prepared early in case he does not get used to returning to school. Luckily, it works.”

As Grace will be hosting TVB new show (日日媽媽聲) with Candice Yu (余安安) and Mimi Lo (羅敏莊), she revealed the filming had yet to commence. She added she will be focusing on hosting temporarily as shooting drama took up lots of time and wanted to spend time with her family.

When asked if she wished to have a baby girl, Grace responded she was currently busy taking care of her sons and her husband Kevin Cheng (鄭嘉穎) respected her decision. She said: “There will be 4 “king” at home if giving birth to another baby boy again. I reckon I am a nobody when it really happens.”

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