Anne Heung (向海嵐) was crowned the champion in 1998 Ms Hong Kong Pageant and heavily groomed once joining TVB. She is best noted for her ancient image because of her beauty. After leaving TVB in 2008, Anne became an office worker in Shanghai and decided to make an on-screen comeback after 7 years later. In recent years, she focuses on her career in Mainland China and accepts different types of stage performances. Not long ago, her latest photos taken during an event on Instagram attract the netizens’ attention.

Apparently, Anne cuts her fringe short and resembles a young girl. She wears a skirt which reveals her fit body figure as well. Hence, she won compliments from Stephanie Ho (何雁詩): “You are so pretty!” The netizens said: “Anne, you are very skinny! You are beautiful and getting fitter.”