Moses Chan (陳豪) plays an eligible bachelor and successful businessman in TVB drama, Beauty and The Boss (愛美麗狂想曲). It is definite he is surrounded by many girls but he has a divorce with Claire Yiu (姚嘉妮) who acts as his ex-wife. The plot illustrated he bumped into Claire in Macau and both begun to chat about their old memories when drinking together. After getting drunk, she revealed her shoulder and leaned on Matt’s shoulder. Many audiences praised Claire looked eye-catching and very fit once making an appearance.

Claire started her working career after being the second runner-up in Ms Asia Pageant in 1998. After 3 years later, she joined TVB and was arranged to play mostly supporting roles in drama. Other than acting, Claire also hosted Big City Shop (流行都市) show and her long legs won compliments from the audiences.

During the peak of her career at the time, Claire chose to marry Thomas Lam (林祖輝) in 2006 after dating for 7 years. During a previous interview with HK01 (香港01), she felt it was an appropriate moment: “I decide to get married and have a baby.” Right now, Claire has a son and a daughter and has a blissful family. Although she is working hard on her career and tries to balance both aspects, but Claire does not really mind about making any remarkable achievements: “Perhaps having a baby affects my career. Film producer might feel I am acting to kill boredom but I really have deep passion in this line. I do not wish to become popular as it is frightening.”

Therefore, Claire decides to quit from show business and helps her husband in child apparel business. Within a few years, the business is expanding and they open 6 branches. However in recent years, Claire resumes her acting career and her on-screen performances in A General, A Scholar And A Eunuch (超時空男臣), Who Wants a Baby (BB來了) and Girlie Days (她她她的少女時代) series give deep impressions to the audiences. In Girlie Days drama, she wore a black swimsuit revealing her fit body shape and had a kissing scene with Joey Law (羅天宇) at Lan Kwai Fong. Despite the 10 years age gap, both were a compatible couple.