Congratulations! Myolie Wu (胡杏兒) gives birth to a baby boy again. Her husband Philip Lee (李乘德) accompanied her in the labour room and it was a smooth delivery. Their son is named Liam Lee (李乘德) and he weighs more than 8 pound. Myolie disclosed the name, Liam was given by Philip and he resembled his brothers, Brendan and Ryan. Hence, she pointed her family had 4 “King” now.

As Myolie announced the good news on social media at 13:14, she explained the timing was a coincidence and baby gender was not important as long as they were happy and healthy.

After Liam was born, Myolie confirmed it was her final pregnancy and said: “Yes, I have no intention to have another baby again. I will be focusing on taking care and educating my kids.” She added Brendan and Ryan doted on Liam very much.