In recent years, Gillian Chung’s (鍾欣潼) body figure becomes the centre of attraction after gaining weight. Earlier, she shared a video of herself introducing low calories dish such as vegetables soup containing tomatoes, enoki, Chinese cabbage, soba noodles. However, some netizens discovered Gillian looked haggard and had dark circles and told her to take good care of herself.

A few days ago, Gillian uploaded her latest photo and posted an online message: “It has been a long time since I dress up. This time, I choose my favourite blue colour and wear a suit with half of my hair tied up in a bun. It is considered a random fashion sense and have you prepare anything? Please give me some suggestions. Will you either choose to dress up before going out or stay at home to watch drama and cook dishes? Please remember to wear face mask and I wish everyone to have a happy vacation.” In the photo, Gillian looks radiant and fit.