Chinese star Huang Yi (黃奕) has two failed marriages. In 2011, she was married to a wealthy heir, Huang Yiqing (黃毅清) and both have a daughter. As she suffered from abuse, Huang Yi decided to file for a divorce after 3 years. Subsequently, she is single for many years and expressed she had no suitors during an interview. Recently, Huang Yi participated in a Chinese reality show (怦然再心動) and a video related to her mentioning about her past to Wang Ziwen (王子文) inside the vehicle went viral.

Huang Yi stated about her ex-husband without revealing the name and said: “My ex-husband is very scary and installs more than 20 security camera at home. You can see it everywhere in the house and that period of time is very frightening. You know an abusive person will hit you when having an argument. He will ask about failing to answer the phone and throw it over here. He is very unreasonable.” When Ziwen asked about the first abuse, Huang Yi replied it happened during her pregnancy and forgave him since she was expecting for 6 months at the time.