Ali Lee (李佳芯) felt excited to see the word, Kind (善) written by herself and planned to donate $20,000 at a charity event. As Liza Wang (汪明荃) and Law Kar Ying (羅家英) learned calligraphy together, Ali felt envy to witness their love and had different interest from Danny Chan (陳炳銓). She avoided the question about writing “love” word to Danny and said: “One must take action when it comes to love.” When mentioned about early “release” from TVB and her new drama will be broadcasting earlier to pave the road to become TV Queen again, Ali said: “It does not cross my mind. I am releasing myself now.”

Donna Chu (朱潔儀) was present at the same activity. Revealing someone was infected with COVID-19 after attending an art exhibition 8 days later, she said: “I am worried until losing insomnia on that night. On the following day, I went for a test and was tested negative. Luckily, it is a false alarm.”