A few days ago, Frankie Lam (林文龍) and his good friend Michael Tse (謝天華) were invited to a music show (限聚音樂Hear To Feel) as the guests. It was the first time for them to sing together and both drank wine, discussed parental knowledge and acting experiences.

Frankie was reminded of working as an “extra” for 2 years after graduating from the acting classes: “I acted as a constable in a period drama and boss’s lackey carrying mobile phone in modern series. In Twilight of a Nation (太平天國) drama, I played 4 roles including soldier, imperial scholar and corpse. The company has a good budget and we get the same wages as other “extra”. Hence, we are very “cheap”. Michael expressed he joined the industry as a singer and was given villain roles most of the time: “I usually play pervert, rapist and beating my girlfriends. I do not mind as long as there is a breakthrough.”

When mentioned about hitting low point in their careers, Michael replied he was jobless for 9 months and it affected his mood: “I do not want to see anybody and rely on myself to recover slowly.” Frankie confessed he suffered lots of hardships due to his fiery temper when young: “During the low point, others feel they have lesser opponents and it increases their opportunities. I really understand it.” Michael agreed and said: “Honestly speaking, you were tactless and offended many people at the time. It is a miracle that you can survive in this line until now.” Frankie said: “Because I pray to god for blessings frequently.”

Asking if they will support their children to become artistes, Frankie immediately rejected it and will not nominate his daughter to participate Ms Hong Kong pageant: “I feel my daughter is unsuitable to join this industry and she does not even really want to wear swimsuit during swimming lessons. (What happens if she said her mother knows you after joining beauty pageant?) I will explain to her that not everyone is lucky.” Michael expressed he did not mind his kids to become celebrities but disallow his daughter to join beauty pageant as well.

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