In January, Yoyo Chen (陳自瑤) is suspected to show her dissatisfaction towards her husband Vincent Wong (王浩信) at TVB Anniversary Awards (萬千星輝頒獎典禮) and it becomes a heated discussion immediately. Despite repeated questionings, Yoyo remains gracious and humorous in her responses. During an interview with Crystal Fung (馮盈盈) and Alex Fong (方力申) at Master’s Talk (師父有請) show hosted by Bob Lam (林盛斌) and Mak Ling Ling (麥玲玲), Yoyo was asked about her black face again on that night and she explained it by showing the photo to everybody.

Other than mentioning the black face, Alex also revealed Yoyo had additional fans because of that incident: “Do you know that her black face becomes the top search online and it is priceless. Her fans are increased by more than 100,000 now.” Bob said: “Yes, I keep seeing Yoyo’s expression on WhatsApp stickers. Do you understand it? How did you do it?”

When Crystal asked if it boasted her career, Yoyo nodded and confessed she was currently liaising with a company. Subsequently, everyone laughed when Bob and Alex suggested her to shoot whitening facial mask advertisement to get rid of her black face.” Hence, Yoyo took the opportunity to clarify it was not her intention: “Please stop laughing. Actually, I neither have expression nor show a black face in the photo. It is a cool expression and I do not feel unhappy at all, but the public makes many assumption.” As Ling Ling pointed Yoyo should smile upon Vincent mentioning her name, Crystal defended Yoyo immediately: “Yes, one side of her mouth shows her smile.” Yoyo then explained she did smile but Ling Ling shook her head and said: “You are wrong! It is a cold smile.”

Immediately, Crystal retrieved that photo from the mobile phone and Yoyo took it while explaining: “It is impossible to show many expressions when the camera films me around 2 to 3 seconds. I probably did smile once arriving but the camera fails to capture it. Anyway, I would like to thank my supporters. It is totally unexpected and beyond my control. I finally become “TV Queen”. Thank you everybody.”