It is the first time for Charlene Choi (蔡卓妍) and Keung To (姜濤) to promote HPV together. Keung To felt nervous to shoot an advertisement and visited Charlene at the set, after wrapping up his part at a separate location. It was amusing when his mind was in a blank on that day.

Charlene felt happy to work with Keung To and said: “HPV is a major matter and I feel elated to see many people are helping to promote. Plus, everyone must take action together and we need new blood to make this work.” She added she joined the industry for nearly 20 years and treated it as another job: “Thank you to the advertisement company for the supports.”

When asked about visiting Charlene during the shoot, Keung To explained he treated her as a “senior” and said: “She is a very nice and friendly person who makes me feel shy. It is a pity that we have to shoot separately and I hope we will be able to promote together in the next 2 years, and make all Hong Kong citizens to realise the importance of HPV. I will also take safety precaution so as to be fair to my girlfriend in the future.”